Naval architecture for sailing yachts – mono and multihulls. We use latest commercially available software along with in-house developed tools.


We use only CATIA V5 for 3D modelling – this includes hull shapes. We developed many scripts and macros to help and speedup design process. Our workflow is fully integrated across all tools – VPP, CFD and FEA.

Detailed design documentation is made using 2D cad – Draftsight in DWG formats. This is industry standard. Many times cad documentation is supported by hand sketches.

Initial hydrodynamics is made using analytical tools. Once design is more advanced CFD tools comes to play. We do use ANSYS Fluent – most commonly used software for Americs cup yachts development.

TG Yachts as large experience in engineering composite structures – not only in marine sector. We do use first principle methods, and if required, advanced FEA. Composite structures are being analyzed using ANSYS with ACP (Ansys Composite Pre-Post) which is very powerful tool.  

At almost all levels of design we use Microsoft Excel – using VBA scripted spreadsheets we are able to integrate entire design workflow. We do script a lot – using VBA, Python and C++.


Important part of sailing yacht design is Velocity Prediction. We do use 3 VPP software’s – from Wolfson Unit , ORC and in house.

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