Main field of our expertise is structural engineering. We have very significant experience in field of advanced lightweight structures - not only with yachts. Although yacht structures are closest to our hearts. We were involved in projects with different sectors such as automotive, aerospace and renewable energy.

Material that we have most experience with are advanced composites. By this we mean carbon fiber based laminates with epoxy resins. Most of our work was based on pre-pregs (fiber & resin are laid together) and very often with use of autoclaves (for high pressure & temperature). We do work closely with OEM form Netherlands, Sweden & Poland in this fields.

Good example of mass production composite products are wind turbine blades made in infusion technology. This type of structures uses epoxy resins and made in infusion technology. We were involved in few R&D projects with focus on very specific aspects structural & manufacturing aspects.

Mass production boats are being made with polyester & vinylester resins. We have experience with boats up to 70’ made In this technology. In this type of boats important is deep understanding of production process, as ultimate aim is product cost optimization. This includes not only row materials usage (glass fiber and polyester resin are cheap materials compared to carbon and epoxy)    but as well labor required. Therefore many modern boats are designed in way that makes assembly easy and cost effective. This does not always mean easy engineering. Bigger boats, with large openings and flybridges that ahs significant areas struggle with stiffness & weight. This are typical tasks that are difficult to be handled by average mass production yard engineering team.

Sailing systems. Modern sailing yachts that 50’+ very often has a need for more advanced sail handling systems – which includes integration with hydraulics, under deck line routings and design for not only work but as maintenance. It is important to design systems for different emergency scenraios – such failure of hydraulics.

Yacht system routing is another topic that requires attention to details. As modern cruising boats requires more and more systems more space is required for routing, and designing for maintenance. We have skills and experience with handling this kind of tasks as well for boats up to 80’.

Lifting keel systems

We have experience with lifting keel systems – both telescopic & swing keels. Depends on boats size we either can design system, or integrate from third party suppliers. We have experience in structural integration.

We do provide engineering services in different fields, not limited to yachts only. We have experience with following engineering fields:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Yacht systems
  • Thermal analysis
  • Fluid flow

Advanced composites

Mass production composites

Production boats


Yacht systems

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